Drustvo za podporo civilne druzbe

What is Drustvo za podporo civilne druzbe?

Društvo za podporo civilne družbe/ Civil Resource Centre promotes active citizenship and youth inclusion. The main objective of the Centre is to encourage individuals and non-governmental organizations to participate in the European society, putting into effect EU benefits and opportunities.
The Centre carried out the project “Network of European Resource Centres.” In that case, it takes care of learning activities focused on capacity building, promoting dialogue and European values such as cultural diversity, democracy and civic participation. The centre coordinates and leads the project “Regional NGO hub for central Slovenia”, offering support to NGOs at different levels (empowerment, advocacy, project counselling, etc.). Regional NGO hub also manages a network of over 300 NGOs from central Slovenia region. The centre takes part on the LUPA Ljubljana, the biggest NGO festival in Slovenia where they introduce projects in which it is involved.

Društvo za podporo civilne družbe will select international experts that will lead project activities such as round-tables, open-conferences and debates in Slovenia, online and in other international project events. It will send participants to the seven international project events and it will be the host and the organizer of the fifth event, guaranteeing a strong project impact thanks to its wide network of over 300 Slovenian NGOs. Additionally, the partner participation on the LUPA Ljubljana (the biggest Slovenian NGO festival) will increase the visibility of the project results. It will coordinate the online streaming of the activities in the platform Twitch. The streaming will allow stakeholders to attend and check the project activities in real time. Finally, it will organise the animation of best practices related to the project. This dissemination activity will focus on the idea of a journey of self-discover y in which participants are represented as European Ulysses.

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