What is Agia?

The Municipality of Agia is located in the region of Thessaly in Central Greece. The total area of the municipality is 668.26 km ² and has a population of 14,121 inhabitants. The current form of the municipality arose with the “Kallikratis” Program from the extension of the original municipality of Agia by the merger of pre-existing municipalities of Lakeria, Evrimenes and Melivia. The main activities of the population are agriculture and tourism. The organization consists of several departments and the local council which are responsible for the local administration and for solving public issues.

Administration areas:

  •  Environment
  •  Tourism
  •  Financial development
  •  Sports
  •  Education
  •  Urbanization
  •  Civil protection etc

The area is famous in central Greece for summer vacation due to the 36 km long coastline and the clear water of the Aegean Sea. It mainly attracts domestic tourists as it lies 40 minutes away from Larissa, the Region of Thessaly’s capital, providing facilities like restaurants, small family-owned hotels and beach bars. It also offers a wide variety of sports activities both for summer and winter as there are the mountains Ossa (GR 142003, GR 142007) and Mavrovouni (GR 142004, GR 142006) and also the Pinios River Delta (GR142002, CITES) and Lake Karla (GR 142004). All of them belong to the NATURA 2000 Network. There are very important archaeological and byzantine sights such as the Castle of Velika, the Monasteries and the Cells, monuments and findings that lead to the significant role that played the region in the past. The Municipality of Agia believes in the involvement of young people and groups of citizens in activities that will let them gain new skills, teach them to cooperate, to share and also how to achieve common goals. It is of great importance to focus on challenges like social integration and search for best practices in order to achieve them. These best practices shall combine both the facilities in our area as the potential that our citizens have. Thanks to the participation of the Municipality in several EU funded projects over the last few years, the region of Agia has been an active member of several networks regarding social inclusion, integration of immigrants, volunteering, youth, solidarity, social enterprises, rural tourism and the preservation of cultural heritage. Through networking, brainstorming, best-practice exchange and the contact to European communities and organizations new skills and innovative ideas can be gained that shall lead to local development based on the respect for nature, history and human relations.

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