Presentation of the project – Yourope


The YOUROPE project has 8 partners from 8 different countries (Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain) and aims to raise awareness among youth and citizens in general about the role of the European Union in his day to day, through dialogue, the diagnosis of the current situation and the intercultural debate.



For the development of the project, activities such as international meetings, workshops for citizen participation at the local level, dissemination activities, etc. are foreseen. These activities include the initial event that will take place in Altea at the end of October 2018, together with all the partners of the network, and a final event in Brussels, in which representatives of the European institutions will participate.

The Europe for citizens program 2014-2020

Europe with Citizens 2014-2020 is the program of the European Commission aimed at promoting the active participation of citizens in the democratic life of the Union, through the financing of plans and activities that promote knowledge of the history and shared values of citizens. Europe, through constant dialogue with civil society organizations and local authorities.

The Program was approved on April 15, 2014 by the Council of the EU. It has a global budget of 185 million euros and is part of the Europe 2020 global strategy to contribute to European objectives, in the interests of economic, intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth.

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